Saath Saath

Saath Saath (together) is a 1982 Indian Hindi-language drama film written and directed by Raman Kumar and produced by Dilip Dhawan. It stars Farooque Shaikh and Deepti Naval in the lead roles, and was first released in India on 4 March 1982.


Avinash Verma, an M.A. student, is an idealistic young man with socialist beliefs and strict principles. He is unaffected by his generation's materialism and is adamantly opposed to accumulating more wealth than is required. Although he is the son of a wealthy landowner, he has moved out of his father's home owing to philosophical disagreements. He earns a living as a freelance writer. His classmate Geetanjali Gupta, also known as Geeta, who is the daughter of a textile mill owner, develops a crush on him because of his worldview. Geeta also leaves her father's house, and they marry and are soon expecting a kid. Taking care of this family presents challenges for Avinash. He must work at the publishing company Satish Shah, a classmate, owns due to his precarious financial situation. He soon begins to adopt the traits of a ruthless businessman and travels the route he previously detested. Geeta is astonished by his change in principles and decides to leave him. Avinash admits his mistake, quits his job, and joins the publishing company of his former professor Choudhary.

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    director Raman Kumar
    editor David Dhawan
    genre drama
    keywords expect freelance writer publish young man
    musicBy Kuldeep Singh
    producer Dilip Dhawan
    publisher Mr Talwar