Wicked Woman

Wicked Woman is a 1953 American film noir film starring Beverly Michaels, Richard Egan, Percy Helton, and Evelyn Scott. Directed by Russell Rouse, the film was written by Rouse and Clarence Greene.


An attractive blonde drifter (Beverly Michaels) arrives in town on a bus and gets a job as a waitress at a local bar. She sets her sights on the bar's handsome owner (Richard Egan), who is married to an alcoholic waitress there, (Evelyn Scott), who inherited the lounge from her father. Michaels seduces Egan and schemes for the pair to sell the bar without the wife's knowledge and skip to Mexico together. Before they can a boarder at the rooming house where Michaels is staying that she had enticed then jilted, (Percy Helton), discovers her plans and attempts blackmail.

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    director Russell Rouse
    editor Chester W. Schaeffer
    genre crime
    keywords inherit jilt married rooming house
    musicBy Buddy Baker
    producer Clarence Greene
    productionCompany Edward Small Productions
    publisher United Artists
    theme film noir