Dona Xepa

Dona Xepa

Dona Xepa (English: The Penny Lady) is a Brazilian telenovela created and written by Gustavo Reiz and directed by Ivan Zettel. It premiered on May 21, 2013 and ended on September 24, 2013. It stars Ângela Leal, Thaís Fersoza, Arthur Aguiar, Rayana Carvalho, and Gabriel Gracindo.


Dona Xepa is the story of a mother who does everything for her children. Without much education, Dona Xepa says everything wrong and it embarrasses her children Rosalia and Edison. The tradeswoman earned this nickname by distributing the leftovers in her tent to the poor. Abandoned by her husband Esmeraldino, Xepa supports her children by working hard. Rosalia is a lawyer, beautiful, ambitious, she hates the life she leads and will do everything she can to infiltrate the rich world. Edison is an architecture student and despite being ashamed of his mother at times, he can do nothing to harm her.


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