Camping is a 2006 French comedy film directed by Fabien Onteniente. Two sequels have been made, Camping 2 in 2010 and Camping 3 in 2016.


In August each year, many families go camping at Blue Waves, in Arcachon, on the Atlantic coast. Barbecues, thongs, pastis, volleyball encounters with naturists, are of course all part of the baggage of the campers. Escapist desires to Shogun (the local nightclub) are pressing. This year, the reunion could have been nice if this year does not accumulate unforeseen events.

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    director Fabien Onteniente
    editor Vincent Tabaillon
    genre comedy
    keywords camp
    musicBy Frédéric Botton
    producer Françoise Galfré Patrick Godeau
    productionCompany Alicéléo
    publisher Miramax Films Pathé