Polisse (released at some film festivals as Poliss, ) is a 2011 French crime drama film written, directed by and starring Maïwenn. It also stars Joeystarr, Karin Viard, Marina Foïs, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Emmanuelle Bercot and Riccardo Scamarcio. The film centres on the Child Protection Unit (Brigade de Protection des Mineurs) of the Paris Police, and a photographer who is assigned to cover the unit. The title is derived from Maïwenn's son's misspelling of the word "police".


The members of a Child Protection Unit police squad try to safeguard their mental health and home lives in the face of their stressful and disruptive work: tracking paedophiles, arresting parents suspected of mistreating their children, following teenage pickpockets, runaways or those sexually exploited and helping in the protection of homeless children and victims of rape.