Daring Game

Daring Game is a 1968 drama film starring Lloyd Bridges and Nico Minardos, filmed at the Ivan Tors studio in Miami and in the Bahamas. The working title was The Unkillables.


Survival Devices, Inc., is an organization that employs a team of adventurers known as "the Flying Fish" who are adept in sky diving, scuba diving and martial arts. They are engaged to rescue a captured scientist imprisoned on a Caribbean island by a dictator.

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    contentLocation Caribbean
    director László Benedek
    editor Jack Woelz
    genre action drama
    keywords basecamp capture dive engage fly halo jump scuba diving sky diving
    musicBy George Bruns
    producer Gene Levitt Ivan Tors
    productionCompany Ivan Tors
    publisher Paramount Pictures
    theme action drama martial arts