Possum Paddock

Possum Paddock is a 1921 Australian film based on a popular play by Kate Howarde. It was the first Australian movie to be directed by a woman. Only portions of it survive today.


Andrew "Dad" McQuade (John Cosgrove), a tough farmer, faces ruin because of a bank loan he cannot repay. He decides to sell a fifty-acre field called 'Possum Paddock' to his greedy neighbour, Dan Martin (James Martin). However, Hugh Bracken (Jack Kirby), who is dating McQuade's daughter, Nancy (Leslie Adrien), sells his car to pay off the old man's debts. He then discovers that a railway is to go through the paddock and is worth a fortune.


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    director Charles Villiers Kate Howarde
    keywords bank loan date old man
    producer Kate Howarde