Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor is a 1984 American horror film written and directed by Thom Eberhardt, in his feature film debut.


TV commercial producer, Denise (Anita Skinner), emerges unscathed as the sole survivor of an airliner crash and feels as if she's about to be caught by something. She flirts with the doctor, Brian (Kurt Johnson), at the hospital, who is convinced that she's experiencing "survivor's syndrome" in which sole survivors experience guilt and either commit suicide or put themselves in dangerous situations. Denise also receives some ambiguous warnings from psychic ex-actress Carla (Caren Larkey) who predicted the crash. A series of strange sightings and encounters of zombie-like people escalates until it is apparent that something is trying to kill her as people around her start dying as well. Her skeptical boyfriend (Brian the doctor) thinks Denise is going crazy until he finds out that a number of recently dead people—including one that Denise claims attacked her—were found with all of the blood in their bodies drained into their legs as if they had died standing upright.