Cholai is an Indian Bengali dark comedy film releasing in 2016. The film is based on the 2011 hooch fatalities. in Bengal, India. Unlicensed Country liquor, commonly known as ‘Cholai’ is a prosper business in rural Bengal.It is very cheap and highly addictive.


Skaktipada is a reputed teacher in his village. He has three sons, the eldest son Nimai sells milk for a living. Shaktipada’s second son Nitya is a fraud and has been absconding since a year. His youngest son Nata makes local alcohol and his disputed reputation exceeds the boundary of locality. The secret of the addiction of his alcohol is the presence of some pesticides in them. Nata and his wife work hard to keep the business afloat. One day accidentally both of them mix pesticides to the alcohol in the brewing process not knowing their partner as already done it. This leads to the death of 172 people who had consumed this poisonous alcohol.