Yucatán is a 2018 Spanish comedy film co-written and directed by Daniel Monzón. The film is about a group of scammers who embark in a cruise ship in order to defraud and steal the money of an old baker who recently won millions of euros in the lottery and is travelling on the ship with his family. Yucatán was mostly filmed onboard Pullmantur Cruises's MS Sovereign and on location in the ports where the ship docked during its route.


Clayderman (Rodrigo de la Serna) is a con man who, together with his wife Verónica (Stephanie Cayo), works on board the MS ''Sovereign'' as a pianist. He uses his position as a crew member to commit petty crimes against the passengers. In Barcelona, Lucas (another scammer) discreetly enters the ship disguised as a crew member. Almost at the same time, Antonio and his family come on board as regular passengers. Clayderman, Lucas, and Verónica have a past together when they used to "work" as a group, but they split up when both Clayderman and Lucas fell in love with Verónica.