Ahasin Polowata

Ahasin Polowata (English: White Flowers for the Dead, ) is a 1978 Sri Lankan drama film directed by Dr Lester James Peries and written by Tissa Abeysekara. The film stars Tony Ranasinghe as Sarath, an abusive husband who is haunted by his wife's death.


Dr.Sarath (Tony Ranasinghe) domineers over his timid wife Vineetha (Sriyani Amarasena). When she is to have a Caesarean delivery of their baby, Sarath refuses to be present even though he himself is a doctor. She dies during surgery and Sarath is forced to live with the spectre of his wife hanging over him.

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    director Lester James Peries
    editor Sumitra Peries
    genre drama
    keywords force hang spectre
    musicBy Nimal Mendis
    producer U. W. Sumathipala