Stigma is a 2013 Nigerian drama film based on the discrimination faced by persons living with HIV virus in a village in Rivers State. It was directed by Diminas Dagogo and stars Jackie Appiah, Hilda Dokubo and Emeka Ike. The film was produced by Rivers State Ministry of Health.


Ibiso (Hilda Dokubo) is responsible for delivery of babies in her community. She is married to an alcoholic and womanizer, Smart (Soibifa Dokubo). Ibiso's daughter, Vanessa (Jackie Appiah) continues to refuse the advances of Ebiye (Daniel Braid) towards her because she doesn't want to make the marital mistakes of her mother. Ebiye continues to woo Vanessa, sharing his allowances with her, with the hope that she will reciprocate his care towards her one day. Due to her mum's persistent failing health, A youth corper, Dr. Jide (Emeka Ike) advises Vanessa to bring her mum to the clinic after the herbal medicine administered by the traditional doctor proved ineffective. Ebiye perceives his relationship with Vanessa is at risk due to her closeness to Dr. Jide.