Silandhi (English: Spider) is a 2008 Tamil-language thriller film.


The story begins with a pretty girl (Monica) who is on a run with fear that death is looming on her and a young man (Munna) saves her from the trouble. Slowly, he starts building confidence in her and in this process both of them begun getting close to each other. Love happens and they get married, time for honeymoon and they set off to a remote bungalow in Pondicherry for their special moments. But things take a twist there since Monica senses that she is being followed by someone and from then on starts a trail of terror and fear that makes her life miserable. That is the time truth comes out that sometime back her three friends who earn a lot of money get used to an extravagant lifestyle and lose their humanity with pride and arrogance. In this process, they come across an innocent LIC policy agent (Chandru) who is ragged to the core by these three friends. In this confusion, the agent is injured and he dies due to the injuries. Monica who is with the gang does not involve in the ghastly happening but then helps them clear the dead body. Soon, each one of them starts dying and it now appears that Chandru is still alive and is out for Monica's blood.