Unnai Naan Santhithen

Unnai Naan Santhithen

Unnai Naan Santhithen is a 1984 Indian Tamil-language film written and directed by K. Rangaraj, and produced by Kovaithambi. The film stars Sivakumar, Sujatha, Suresh and Revathi. It was released on 23 October 1984 and became a success. The film was remade in Hindi as Sindoor (1987) and in Telugu as Sumangali (1989).


College student Indhumathi is the playful only child of Janaki. Indhu falls in love with fellow college student Murali. Murali's father, Sabapathy, and Janaki agree to their marriage but under the condition that both must graduate first. Indhu is worried about her Tamil exams as that's her weak subject. Sabapathy arranges for Indhu's professor, Raghuraman, to tutor her. Raghuraman is shocked to see that Janaki is Indhu's mother and even more shocked when Indu mentions her deceased father as Captain Jagdeesh.