A Light in the Window

A Light in the Window (Spanish: Una luz en la ventana) is a 1942 Argentine horror thriller film directed by Manuel Romero and starring Narciso Ibáñez Menta, Irma Córdoba and Juan Carlos Thorry. It is considered to be the first Argentine horror movie.


Angélica, a young nurse (Irma Córdoba) is hired by an elderly woman (María Ester Buschiazzo) to care for her in an isolated and mysterious house in the countryside. Unknown to her, Angélica will be the victim of the nefarious plot of an acromegalic doctor (Narciso Ibáñez Menta), a sinister colleague (Nicolás Fregues) and their henchmen. A landowner (Juan Carlos Thorry) and his funny servant (Severo Fernández) become involved by accident and go to the rescue.

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    director Manuel Romero
    editor Antonio Rampoldi
    genre horror thriller
    keywords acromegalic acromegaly isolated rescue
    musicBy George Andreani
    productionCompany Lumiton
    publisher Lumiton