Bucking Broadway

Bucking Broadway

Bucking Broadway is a 1917 American silent Western film directed by John Ford, probably his sixth feature film. Long thought to be lost, along with about 60 of Ford's 70 silent films, it was found in 2002 in the archives of the CNC (the French National Center for Cinematography). It was subsequently restored and digitized and is available on the Criterion Blu-Ray of John Ford's Stagecoach.


As described in a film magazine, Cheyenne Harry (Carey), one of the cowboys on a ranch in Wyoming, falls in love with Helen (Malone), his boss's daughter. She decides to elope to the city with Captain Thornton (Pegg), a wealthy visitor to the ranch from New York. Cheyenne and Helen's father (Wells) are downhearted. Cheyenne, devastated by the loss of his finance, decides to go to the city to rescue her, and finds Thorton giving a dinner party in a hotel about to announce his engagement to Helen. As the dinner progresses Helen discovers the true nature of Thornton and endeavors to escape from him. Cheyenne comes to her rescue and, with the assistance of some cowboys, clean up the place, leaving Cheyenne and Helen reunited.

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    contentLocation Wyoming
    director John Ford
    genre western
    keywords dinner party elope elopement film magazine
    producer Harry Carey
    productionCompany Universal Film Manufacturing Company
    publisher Universal Film Manufacturing Company
    theme silent