Thokar also called The Kick is 1939 Hindi/Urdu film directed by A. R. Kardar. Produced by Chandulal Shah for his production banner Ranjit Movietone, it had music by Gyan Dutt. The story writer was M. Sadiq, with cinematography by Gordhanbhi Patel. The cast included Kumar, Ishwarlal, Madhuri, Yakub, Noor Mohammed Charlie, Ram Marathe, Waheedan Bai and Dixit.


Mohan is a poor blind villager taking care of his ward Radha, who is in love with him. The village tramp, Ramesh (Charlie) sells him a lottery ticket. To Mohan's astonishment, he wins the sweep-stakes but Ramesh wants his share. Ramesh takes Mohan to the city with the intention of getting his eyes treated. In the city, Ramesh deviously gets Mohan married off to a prostitute who is having an affair with Ramesh. When Mohan's eyesight is restored, he sees his wealth diminishing, and an adulterous wife. He takes revenge on Ramesh and his wife. Mohan finally returns to the village and to Radha.


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    director Abdur Rashid Kardar
    keywords adulterous wife lottery ticket married
    musicBy Gyan Dutt
    producer Chandulal Shah
    productionCompany Ranjit Studios