Kotipathiyo කෝටිපතියෝ

Haara Kotiya is a 2017 Sri Lankan mystery thriller teledrama broadcast on Swarnavahini. The series is produced by Jayaprakash Sivagurunathan and written by Sadha Mangala Sooriyabandara. It aired every weekday from 6.30 PM to 7 PM and then 9 PM to 9.30 PM onwards. The series was ended on 1 January 2018 at 9 PM.


Lara (Saranga Disasekara) and Dinka (Ruwan Perera) are two friends who live in a slum close to a city. They are both unemployed, having tried many day-to-day jobs, but neither of them having success. Their fates are changed when two men throw away a bag and are subsequently caught by the police. The news that a bank was robbed and the suspects arrested spreads fast. However it is revealed that the money is still missing. Lara and Dinka find the bag thrown by the men and take it to their home in secret. They find out that the bag is full of money, exactly four hundred million rupees. The duo starts to hide the money in various places, but decides not to use any of it until the news of the robbery dies down.