What a Woman!

What a Woman!

What a Woman! is a 1943 American romantic comedy film directed by Irving Cummings and starring Rosalind Russell and Brian Aherne.


Henry Pepper (Brian Aherne), top writer for Knickerbocker magazine, is assigned to write a profile on Carol Ainsley (Rosalind Russell), who has been named the outstanding career woman of the year. Carol, a super agent and star-maker, has just scooped her competition by selling the movie rights to the romance novel Whirlwind and is spending a fortune to find the perfect actor to play the male lead. When Carol learns that the book's author, Anthony Street, may be the man to play his own hero, she searches him out and discovers that he is actually Professor Michael Cobb (Willard Parker) of Buxton College.

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    director Irving Cummings
    editor Al Clark
    genre comedy
    keywords best man career woman horrify married screen test speak trap wash wed
    musicBy Morris Stoloff
    productionCompany Columbia Pictures
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    theme romantic comedy