Abhishekam is 1998 Telugu-language drama film directed by S. V. Krishna Reddy starring himself along with Rachana and Radhika. This film is based on the mother sentiment. S. V. Krishna Reddy played dual role as a rich man who fights with cancer and also a middle class employee who struggles to make ends meet.


Vijay, alias Vijji (S. V. Krishna Reddy) is the only son of rich parents. His father suddenly dies because of an unknown reason. Unable to digest the death of her husband, his mother becomes mentally upset. She is treated by the psychologist (Narra Venkateswara Rao), but Vijji want to take her to their home with the permission of the doctor. He takes care of her very well till she is sane again. Vijji is grown up to be a musician and gains a lot of popularity. He advocates the love for his mother in songs also. His mother also reciprocates the same love for him. Ali, Uttej, Venu (Venu Madhav), Sivaji (Sivaji Raja) and Sudha (Sudhakar) are in his music troupe.