The Don Rickles Show

The Don Rickles Show

The Don Rickles Show is an American comedy television series. The series stars Don Rickles, Louise Sorel, Erin Moran, Robert Hogan, and Joyce Van Patten. The series aired on CBS from January 14 until May 26, 1972. It ranked 56th out of 78 shows that season with an average 15.5 rating. It shares the same title as a short-lived variety series that Rickles had headlined on ABC in 1968.


The Don Rickles Show focused on an advertising agency executive, and his "life and endless problems" with his job and his family. Don Robinson, the main character, encountered difficulties both at work and at home. His battles apparently did not appeal to audiences, leading to the series's four-month run.

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    genre comedy
    keywords advertising agency