Takeda Shingen

is a 1988 Japanese historical television series. It is the 26th NHK Taiga drama. It is based on the novels by Jirō Nitta of the same title. It had the average viewing rating of 39.7%, with its peak reaching 47.8%. It had the second highest average viewership rating in its history with only a 0.5% difference to the previous year's Taiga drama One-Eyed Dragon Masamune.


The series focuses on the life of Takeda Shingen during the Sengoku period. The narrator is Takeda Shingen's mother, Ōi-no-kata, who tells the story to the audience. Even when she dies mid-way through the main story, it is her spirit who continues to narrate the events and watch over her son until the very end. It covers from when Shingen exiled his father to his funeral three years after his death.


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    genre drama historical
    keywords exile sengoku period takeda shingen
    publisher NHK