A Girl Like That

A Girl Like That is a 1917 American drama silent film directed by Dell Henderson and written by Paul West and Roswell Dague. The film stars Irene Fenwick, Owen Moore, Thomas O'Keefe, Eddie Sturgis, Harry Lee and John T. Dillon. The film was released on January 18, 1917, by Paramount Pictures.


Nell Gordon (Fenwick) is unfortunate in her ancestry; her father is a crook, but she possesses qualities of resourcefulness and loyalty. Though she love her father, she detests his associates, particularly Bill Whipple (O'Keefe), who is her constant suitor. Joe Dunham (Sturgis), who does the scouting for the trio, finds a likely bank in the town of Wheaton, the fact that a new bookkeeper is needed there opening a way for the gang to get into the bank, as Nell is an expert. Working on her love for her father, who is a very sick man, Whipple and Dunham persuade Nell to go to Wheaton and take the position.

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    director Dell Henderson
    genre drama
    keywords assumed name best friend murder old man open plan scout wound
    producer Daniel Frohman
    productionCompany Famous Players Film Company
    publisher Paramount Pictures
    theme silent