Dui Duari

Dui Duari also is a Bangladeshi Bengali-language film. The film was released in 2000. Directed by Bangladeshi famous novelist, film director-writer Humayun Ahmed, produced and distributed by his film producer-distributor company called as Nuhash Chalachitra. Stars include Riaz, Mahfuz Ahmed, Meher Afroz Shaon, Masud Ali Khan, Amirul Haque Chowdhury, Dr.Ezazul Islam, Shamima Nazneen, Shabnam Parvin, Nasima Khan and many more.


'Taru' (Shawon), Taru's father and little brother 'Tagor' goes on a car by forest side road. Unfortunately, a young man 'Rahossa Manob' (Riaz) with a guitar widens his two hands in the middle of the road. Taru's car driver wants to brake to save the man, but it was impossible. So, a small accident occurs. Taru's father takes Rahossa Manob in their car and takes home. Rahossa Manob in the meantime feels good, Taru's father sent him some money with his servant 'Mobarak' (Dr. Ejajul Islam). But Mobarak arranges him a rickshaw and 100 money. Sometime later Rahossa Manob come back to Taru's home. Taru does not like him but Tagor likes him a lot.