story of a young couple

Story of A Young Couple is an East German film, directed by Kurt Maetzig. It was released in 1952.


Agnes and Jochen are two young actors who meet and fall in love while appearing in a Berlin production of Nathan the Wise. After the two marry, Agnes is drawn to the communist cause, and begins acting in East German films, which her husband views as sheer propaganda, especially when she recites a poem praising Stalin. When Jochen decides to accept a role in Les Mains Sales, his wife cannot bring herself to follow him, viewing the play as seditious. They decide to divorce. Jochen becomes a celebrated star in the West, but slowly realizes that not all is well: he sees that former influential Nazis are rehabilitated. After witnessing an anti-war demonstration brutally dispersed by the police, he arrives in the divorce court and asks Agnes to reconcile with him. The two reunite and move to East Berlin.

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    contentLocation Berlin
    director Kurt Maetzig
    editor Lena Neumann
    keywords east berlin german film les mains sales nathan the wise west
    musicBy Wilhelm Neef
    producer Alexander Lösche
    publisher Progress Film