Cloud of Ash

Cloud of Ash is an English-language comedy webseries, produced and set in Reykjavík, Iceland. It stars Atli Bollason and Brogan Davison as disinterested employees in Iceland's booming tourism sector. Noted as the first-ever scripted Icelandic comedy webseries, Cloud of Ash debuted on 30 March 2015 and has run 12 episodes. Upon release, the series garnered interest in domestic and international media for its subject matter, particularly its portrayal of a German hipster tourist.


The series was created and written by Steindor Jonsson and produced by Jonsson, Adalsteinn Stefansson and Gardar Stefansson. Individual episodes were directed by Gardar Stefansson, Petur Armannsson and Runar Ingi Einarsson. The intro was animated by Eric Linn. The theme song is "In Sight" by Berndsen.