Black Goddess

Black Goddess is a 1978 Nigerian-Brazilian film written and directed by Ola Balogun. It stars a largely Brazilian cast that include Sonya Santos, Zózimo Bulbul, Léa Garcia, and Jorge Coutinho. The film is set in both the eighteenth century and the 1970s.


The protagonist of the movie is Babatunde, played by Zozimo Bulbul. The dying wish of Babatunde's father was for Babatunde to make a journey to Brazil and see what has become of the descendants of his great-grandfather, Oluyole who was abducted and sold into slavery and also search the story of a mysterious legend in the family's history. He is handed a Yemoja sculpture as guide to journey that took him from Lagos to favelas in Brazil and a visit to a candomblé session. The movie's plot used African spiritual embodiment existing as a reality. Babatunde is transported back to the period of his grandfather's time in Brazil with the help of Yemoja.

    More details

    director Ola Balogun
    editor Philipe Gosselet
    keywords abduct candomblé dying wish sold into slavery yemoja
    musicBy Remi Kabaka
    producer Jece Valadão Ola Balogun
    productionCompany Magnus Filmes
    publisher Embrafilme