Hotter Than My Daughter

Hotter Than My Daughter is a British reality television series on BBC Three hosted by Atomic Kitten member Liz McClarnon. It focuses on mother/daughter relationships in which the mothers claim to be hotter than their daughters.


Liz McClarnon visits the home of a mother and daughter, where the daughter is embarrassed by the way her mother dresses and acts and the mother thinks her daughter should dress more her age. McClarnon talks to the mother and daughter separately and asks them how they feel about each other's looks and asks the mother if she feels she is hotter than her daughter. A lifesize fold-out picture of the two is shown to 5 Members of the 'Great British public', called 'Joe Jury' who consider whether the mother, daughter, or both of them should have a makeover, and the guilty party/ies are given a style overhaul by the Hotter Than My Daughter style team.


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