Night Time in Nevada

Night Time in Nevada

Night Time in Nevada is a 1948 American Western film directed by William Witney and starring Roy Rogers.


Ran Farrell kills his mining partner and instead of giving the money to his partner's (Jim Andrews) daughter he steals it. Joan (the daughter) shows up to claim her money, and Farrell steals Roy Rogers' cattle to pay her. Then Farrell decides to keep the money and gives false information to Joan about the location of the next robbery. Roy's posse show up at the wrong location and as a result Roy is outnumbered. At one point Farrell attempts to fill Joan's camper with gas and kill her, but is thwarted in the attempt by Roy. A fantastic story with many story twists!

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    contentLocation Nevada
    director William Witney
    editor Tony Martinelli
    genre western
    keywords mine outnumber
    musicBy Nathan Scott R. Dale Butts
    producer Edward J. White
    publisher Republic Pictures