Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Mein Aaya

Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Mein Aaya is a 2004 Indian Romantic movie.


Kuldeep Khanna, who lives in London, agrees to look after Mahek, the niece of his friend Dr. Verma, while she comes to London for a month-long stay. She begins to teach members of the household about Indian traditions and helps reform the household. Meanwhile, Khanna's son Sunny falls in love with her and proposes that they get married. She turns his request down, saying that she is seeing someone else. Soon Mahek becomes unpopular with the Khannas. Finally Sunny discovers the truth behind her rejection: as she suffers from an incurable disease, and doesn’t want to create trouble for Sunny.


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    director Rajesh Bhatt
    editor Sanjay Sankla
    keywords incurable disease married
    musicBy Nikhil-Vinay
    producer Vibha Ragani
    publisher Pen N Camera International