Doctor Satan's Robot

Doctor Satan's Robot is a 1966 made for television film condensed from the original 1940 Mysterious Doctor Satan film serial named after its chief villain. Master criminal Doctor Satan has a nemesis, a masked mystery man, the "Copperhead", whose secret identity is Bob Wayne. Wearing a copper mask, Wayne is searching for justice and revenge on Satan for the death of his step-father. With Doctor Satan creating a mechanical robot that will terrorize the world, Wayne is determined to stop the criminal plans of the evil doctor.


Governor Bronson (Charles Trowbridge), who raised Bob Wayne (Robert Wilcox) from childhood after the death of his parents, is killed at the hands of mad scientist Doctor Satan (Edward Ciannelli). Before he dies, Bronson confides to Wayne a secret about his father who had been an outlaw in the Old West, who fought injustice while wearing a chainmail cowl and leaving small coiled copper snakes as his calling card.