Nanjundi Kalyana

Nanjundi Kalyana is a 1989 Indian Kannada romantic comedy film, directed by M. S. Rajashekar, starring newcomers Raghavendra Rajkumar and Malashri, with Girija Lokesh and Sunder Krishna Urs as the lead cast. The film was a major blockbuster of the year and was one among the biggest grossing Kannada films of 1989. The movie saw a theatrical run of 75 weeks - second highest in Kannada.


The film is a family drama which starts with the Gauri Ganesha festival. While offering pooja to goddess Gauri, Girija Lokesh (mother) of Raghuchandra (Raghavendra Rajkumar) receives a money order as a gift of a festival from her brother. She is excited at the affection of her brother on sending the gift. Seeing this, the father of Raghuchandra remembers his past of having his sister and brother in law (Sunder Krishna Urs) living in his home and on this festival when he gives a gift to his sister, the brother in law fights for some reason and leaves the home with his wife. The father tells his son (Raghuchandra) these past feelings and says that at childhood he and his sister had thought of marrying Raghuchandra with Devi (Malashri).