, stylized as ZËIЯAM (originally marketed in English as Zeram), is a 1991 Japanese science fiction film directed by Keita Amemiya. The film stars Yūko Moriyama as an extraterrestrial bounty hunter named Iria, who comes to Earth to do battle with Zeiram, a powerful alien creature. With the help of her partner—an artificial intelligence named Bob—and two ordinary Japanese electricians, Iria fights Zeiram in a virtually constructed alternate dimension known as a "Zone".


Extraterrestrial bounty hunters Iria and Bob accept a job to apprehend Zeiram, a powerful alien entity, on Earth. They set up a command center in an abandoned building in a Japanese town, and create a virtually constructed alternate dimension called a "Zone" (in this case, the Zone they construct is a simulated recreation of the town, but without any living residents) where they plan to combat and capture Zeiram. Iria and Bob's use of stolen electricity results in electric company employees Kamiya and Teppei investigating their base just as Zeiram enters Earth's atmosphere.