Sultan Ashour 10

Sultan Ashour 10 (in Arabic: السّلطان عاشور العاشر, As-Sulṭān ‘Āshūr al-‘Āshir) is an Algerian television series, directed by Djafar Gacem and broadcast by Echorouk TV.


Before he died, the "Sultan Boualem" decided to select his successor from his two children: the "El amir Kamel" and the "El amir Ashour". Finally, he chooses "Ashour", which provokes the anger of "Kamel" who decides to leave the kingdom, and after several years of governance by "Sultan Ashour", the kingdom takes its name and becomes "Kingdom Ashouriya"


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    director Djaafar Gacem
    keywords sultan the king
    publisher Echorouk TV