Ted Bundy is a 2002 biographical crime thriller film written and directed by Matthew Bright, and co-written by Stephen Johnston. A limited theatrical release, it is a fictionalized dramatization of the crimes of Ted Bundy, an American serial killer who raped and murdered dozens of women and girls throughout the United States during the 1970s. It stars Michael Reilly Burke as the titular character, and Boti Bliss as Bundy's girlfriend, Lee.


In Seattle in 1974, law student Ted Bundy appears to be the typical friendly guy who lives next door, but inside this kind gentleman lies a monster. After watching women from their windows while masturbating, Ted builds up the courage to commit his first murder. From there, he always manages to lure a young woman to his car by faking a broken arm or an illness or by disguising himself as a police officer. Then he knocks her unconscious, ties her up, and drives her to an arranged location where he rapes and murders her. Driving his yellow VW Beetle, he leaves a bloody trail through the United States. The police are left in the dark, as no one suspects a model citizen and ambitious student like Ted.