Mr. Pye

Mr. Pye is a Channel 4 television series written by Donald Churchill, based on the 1953 short novel Mr. Pye by Mervyn Peake, and directed by Michael Darlow. Broadcast began on 2 March 1986 in the United Kingdom.


Mr. Pye travels to the Channel Island of Sark to preach the word of God. Pye does good works and he discovers that he has started to grow angel's wings, and after consulting with a Harley Street doctor, he decides to stop doing good deeds, and instead does bad deeds. He engages in some deliberately malicious acts, and after a while this results in him growing horns on his forehead. He is unable to decide what to do, but eventually decides to reveal his horned condition to the islanders, who chase him to the edge of a cliff, which Pye flies off using his wings.

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    contentLocation Sark
    director Michael Darlow
    genre fantasy
    keywords channel island channel islands good deed harley street
    recordedAt Sark