Mournful Unconcern

Mournful Unconcern (, translit.Skorbnoye beschuvstviye) is the third produced film by Alexander Sokurov, completed in 1983, but the fourth released one, as it was banned by Soviet authorities until perestroika in 1987. The film, set during World War I, is inspired by Bernard Shaw's play Heartbreak House. Professional actors (Zamansky, Osipenko, Sokolova and others) were used alongside amateur actors, like in most early Sokurov films, and many of the trademarks of his cinematographic style were already apparent.


Family and friends gather in a decadent house to party. Despite their delusive distinction a raw passion for sex and violence comes to light.

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    director Alexander Sokurov
    editor Leda Semyonova
    genre drama
    musicBy Vladimir Persov
    publisher Lenfilm