Pellam Oorelithe

Pellam Oorelithe

Pellam Oorelithe is 2003 Indian Telugu-language comedy film directed by S. V. Krishna Reddy starring Srikanth, Venu Thottempudi, Sangeeta, and Rakshita. The film was a remake of Tamil film Charlie Chaplin (2002).


Vivek (Srikanth) runs an advertisement agency. He is married to Sandhya (Sangeeta). Subbu (Venu Thottempudi) works as a photographer with Vivek. Vivek treats him as a brother. During a photo shoot, he happens to see Raaji (Rakshita) and falls in love with her. Samba (Sunil), a womanizer, sends a prostitute, Tilottama, to the guesthouse of Vivek when Sandhya prepares to visit her mother's house. When Tilottama arrives at Vivek's place, Sandhya suddenly comes back on some work and enquires Vivek who she is. In a hurry to cover up his act, Vivek lie to her that she is the wife of Subbu. This leads to so many problems for Vivek and Subbu. What happens when the wives come to know about their husbands' lies forms the climax.