Sahasa Simha

Sahasa Simha is a 1982 Indian Kannada-language action crime film directed by Joe Simon and produced by M. Pandurangan and M. Ramalingam. It stars Vishnuvardhan, Kajal Kiran, Rajya Lakshmi, Dheerendra Gopal, Thoogudeepa Srinivas, Vajramuni and Tiger Prabhakar. The music was composed by Satyam, while the cinematography and editing were handled by H. G. Raju and P. Venkateshwara Ravu.


Prathap is a police officer in Bangalore who lives with his sister Lakshmi and are raised by Pratap's superior Chowdhary as his own children. One day, Prathap and Chowdhary investigates the murder of a person named Dheerajlal where they find a diary. Prathap reads the diary which depicts that Dheerajlal's real name is Shankaralal and had associated with Rathanlal and his friend Peter, who run a child trafficking racket. Shankarlal felt guilty by witnessing the child trafficking activities, including a child, who became a victim of an acid attack by Rathanlal and Peter. Shankarlal realized his mistake and had left the gang to lead a peaceful life after witnessing the boy reunited with his father.