Maa Kasam

Maa Kasam is a 1985 Indian Hindi-language action drama film directed by Shibu Mitra, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Amjad Khan, Divya Rana, Ranjeet, Sharat Saxena and Pran in lead roles.


Balwant returns home after completing his jail term. He discovers that the Thakur has a treasure map hidden in a diamond ring. He kills the Thakur, but fails to obtain the ring. He wanted to find the ring, but ends up killing his own wife. His dying wife takes her young son, Dharma, and requests the Thakurain to look after him as her own son. Balwant is again arrested and gets a long jail term. Now Dharma has grown as a hard-working and honest man under Thakurain's care. Now Chakradhari, a con man makes life miserable for the people. At the same time, Balwant completes his sentence and returns for the ring. Who possesses the ring forms the climax.