La nuit des horloges

La nuit des horloges (English: The Night of the Clocks or Night Clocks) is a 2007 French fantasy film directed by Jean Rollin. The film stars French writer and former pornographic actress Ovidie, with others who have appeared in many of his early works; Françoise Blanchard, Dominique, Nathalie Perrey and Jean-Loup Philippe. The release, his penultimate film, marks forty years of Rollin's career and pays homage to many of his earlier film works and serves as a thank you to his many loyal fans.


A young woman named Isabelle has recently inherited a country mansion from her late uncle, writer and filmmaker, Jean Michel. Upon her arrival, Isabelle goes to visit her uncle's grave at Père Lachaise Cemetery and then to his former home which is now hers. Once there, Isabelle discovers that the property retains a vivid memory of her cousin and that both the cemetery and her new home is haunted by the characters and fantasies of his life.