Amaravathi is a 1993 Indian Tamil-language romance film directed by Selva. The film stars newcomers Ajith Kumar and Sanghavi. It was released on 4 June 1993 to a positive response at the box office.


An old couple are heartbroken because their only daughter runs away with her lover. At that time they see Amravathi (Sanghavi) who is a naive and beautiful girl who runs away from home but does not remember anything else. They decide to take to the police but instead want to raise her as their own daughter. she finds shelter in their house where she is well taken care of. Her life takes a turn when Arjun (Ajith Kumar) son of a rich business man falls in love with her. Arjun finds excuses to meet her in her house and gets well known with the family. One day with the help of Amravati's friend he manages to lure her into his house without her parents knowing and expresses his love to her and starts taking her to places and they start having the most happiest days of their life. But her foster father fears she will elope too so forbids her to see Arjun but her father understands that they are deeply in love with each other. Just then a newspaper shows there is a missing girl called Angeline and she bears resemblance to Amravati. Arjun sees this and thinks it is Amravati. Just then a doctor comes and recognises Amravati as Angeline and tells Arjun and her foster parents she is Angeline the daughter of a rich businessman. She and her father both never got over the loss of her mother and her uncle tortures them to give him the wealth and Angeline's hand in marriage and makes sure they tell nobody about him., Her father and her decide to kill themselves so the can escape the torture. Her father dies but Angel survives and has amnesia and has forgotten everything. Then the uncle kidnaps Amravati to force her into marriage and also tries to misbehave with her just then Arjun fights him and rescues her. Arjun and Amravati live happy and also it is shown nobody ever told Amravati about her past because they did not want to upset her.

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    director Selva
    editor Raju KN
    genre romance
    keywords beautiful girl business man foster parents missing girl old couple
    musicBy Bala Bharathi
    producer Chozha Ponnurangam
    productionCompany Chozha Creations