Igor is a 2008 computer-animated horror comedy film directed by Tony Leondis from a screenplay by Chris McKenna. Igor, developed and produced by Max Howard with the California-based Exodus Film Group, was the first feature-length animated film to be financed with private equity. The animation was completed at France's Sparx Animation Studios and a facility in Vietnam. It was distributed in North America by MGM Distribution Co. and internationally by The Weinstein Company. It is MGM's first fully computer-animated film as well as the studio's first fully animated film in twelve years following 1996's All Dogs Go to Heaven 2.


The Kingdom of Malaria was once a peaceful land of farmers, until its environment was devastated by a mysterious storm that never ended and killed all of its crops, thus driving its inhabitants into poverty. In response, Malaria's ruler, King Malbert, initiates a plan to save the country by having the kingdom's best and most wicked scientists create various doomsday devices and blackmail the rest of the world into paying them by threatening to unleash these devices upon the world. As a result, Malaria becomes a dark country where evil reigns supreme. There is also an annual Evil Science Fair that takes place in an arena known as the Kiliseum, where the inventions fight one another while being broadcast to the rest of the planet. The scientists responsible for these inventions are treated as celebrities, while citizens with hunchbacks are treated as second-class, usually referred to by the derogatory name "Igor" and are often employed as lowly servants for these scientists.