Ain is a 2015 Indian Malayalam-language film written and directed by Sidhartha Siva and starring Musthafa and Rachana Narayanankutty. Set in a Muslim household in Malabar, the film revolves around a lazy but innocent and vulnerable youth who happens to witness a murder and escapes to Mangalore. The film released in selected theatres in Kerala on 25 September 2015.


Maanu is a naïve, lazy and aimless youngster who doesn't have a steady job with a steady income. Although time has come for him to shoulder the responsibility of providing for his family, he runs away from it and is least concerned about what life means to him. Maanu flees his native place to Mangalore in fear of his life, after witnessing the gruesome murder of a local political functionary. The interaction he has with Saira following a chance meeting with her has a bearing on him and influences him to change his outlook towards life.


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    director Sidhartha Siva
    editor Vineeb Krishnan
    keywords aimless youngster chance meeting meet native place
    musicBy Rahul Raj
    productionCompany 1:1.3 Entertainments