Valli Vara Pora

Valli Vara Pora is a 1995 Tamil comedy film directed by S. V. Solai Raja. The film features Pandiarajan, Mohana and Nirosha in the lead roles, with Vinu Chakravarthy, Vijaya Lalitha, Venniradai Moorthy, Charle, Muralikumar, Pasi Narayanan and Kumarimuthu playing supporting roles. The film, produced by M. Padmanabhan and S. Nivethan, had musical score by K. S. Mani Oli and was released on 10 February 1995. The film was a remake of Malayalam film Meleparambil Aanveedu. The film became a failure at the box office.


Meenakshi (Vijaya Lalitha) and Ayyasamy (Venniradai Moorthy) have three sons : Periyapandi (Muralikumar), Thangapandi (Charle) and Chinnapandi (Pandiarajan). The three brothers are bachelors, Chinnapandi is the only graduate of his family. Kavitha (Nirosha), a relative, is in love with Chinnapandi but Chinnapandi has no feelings towards her. Chinnapandi sets out for a Kerala village to work as manager of a courier company. There, he meets a Kerala woman named Pavalam (Mohana), she falls in love with him but her father Menon (Vinu Chakravarthy) wants Pavalam to get married against her will. Chinnapandi and Pavalam fall in love with each other and they try to elope from the village, unfortunately, the villagers finally catch them. Menon, the village chief, accepts for their marriage and both get married. Later, that same day, he comes to know that he is transferred to his native village. Chinnapandi is afraid of whether or not his parents would agree to their marriage, so he keeps Pavalam undercover as a maid in his home. His brothers Periyapandi and Thangapandi fall in love with Pavalam. What transpires next forms the rest of the story.

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    director S. V. Solai Raja
    editor S. Ashok Mehta
    genre comedy
    keywords married village chief
    musicBy K. S. Mani Oli
    producer M. Padmanabhan S. Nivethan
    productionCompany Greenways Film International