The Guilty Man

The Guilty Man is a lost 1918 American silent drama film directed by Irvin Willat and starring William Garwood, Vivian Reed, and Gloria Hope. The film was based on a play by Charles Klein.


As described in a film magazine, Marie Dubois (Reed), deserted by her lover before the birth of her child, marries Flambon (French), who is cruel and heartless. When her daughter Claudine (Hope) reaches womanhood, Flambon forces her to sing in his cafe and then endeavors her to marry one of his creditors. Marie interferes and Flambon takes hold of her by the throat. Claudine, fearing for her mother's safety, kills him. She is arrested and taken before the grand prosecutor, who discovers that Claudine is really his own child. During the trial he enforces the same rigidity which have characterized his other trials, but in the end confesses that he is the girl's father, resigns his position, and places himself at the mercy of the public. He is allowed to go free and solemnly promises to make up to his wife and daughter what they have missed.