Parasite Eve

is a 1997 Japanese science fiction film that was directed by Masayuki Ochiai and is based on the 1995 novel Parasite Eve by Hideaki Sena. Kiyomi (Riona Hazuki), the wife of Toshiaki Nagashima (Hiroshi Mikami), is left brain dead after a traffic accident on the day of their first wedding anniversary. Nagashima attempts to make Kiyomi live again by making a deal with a doctor who wants to harvest Kiyomi's kidneys for transplanting into a young girl in the same hospital. Nagashima agrees on the condition that he can have his wife's liver. While Nagashima experiments with the organ, the doctor finds one night the samples have emerged as a gelatinous form in the form of Toshiaki's dead wife and reveal themselves as an organization of sentient mitochondria that are bent on making a new species that will wipe out humanity.


Toshiaki Nagashima is a researcher studying mitochondria and teaches how they are passed between generations from the mother's side of a family and their possible use for tissue regeneration through the liver. Toshiaki's wife Kiyomi visits him at his workplace for their anniversary, which she finds he has forgotten. While traveling home, Kiyomi is involved in a car accident and is left in a coma with brain damage. A doctor, Takashi Yoshizumi, meets with Nagashima the next day and tells him his wife was an organ donor, and that a young girl named Mariko Anzai in the hospital needs a donor kidney. He agrees to donate her kidneys on the condition he can have Kiyomi's liver. Nagashima takes the liver to his lab, dismissing the scientists so he can perform experiments on the organ. At the hospital, Mariko's health shows a marked improvement but at night she begins to scream, demanding the removal of something from her body; her caretakers dismiss her demands as nightmares. At his lab, Nagashima finds the liver samples growing at an exponential rate. One night, a gelatin from the liver mixes with samples from a bottle labeled "Eve" and possesses the lab assistant Sachiko. Later that night, Nagashima enters the lab and finds a gelatinous form that morphs itself into the form of Kiyomi. Nagashima approaches her, and they embrace and have sex on the lab floor. Afterwards, the being resembling Kiyomi deteriorates, leaving Nagashima alone.