Bruce Lee: A Dragon Story

Bruce Lee: A Dragon Story also known as The Bruce Lee Story, Super Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and Bruce Lee Story: Super Dragon) is a 1974 Bruceploitation film starring Bruce Li. The film is a loose biopic about martial arts actor Bruce Lee and centers on his supposed affair with actress Betty Ting-Pei. The film is notable for being the first biopic of Bruce Lee (it was released the year following his death), the debut film of notorious Lee imitator Bruce Li, and the first film in the Bruceploitation genre.


The film attempts to chronicle Bruce Lee's career from his The Green Hornet days up to the time of his death. The film opens with a pre-fame Bruce Lee (Bruce Li) delivering newspapers in Seattle, Washington. Lee then becomes a martial arts teacher. Lee competes in a martial arts tournament and wins. After the match he is offered the role of the Kato in The Green Hornet. He marries Linda Lee Caldwell and they have 2 children together.