Colorina is a Peruvian telenovela produced by Michelle Alexander for América Televisión, based on the 1980 Mexican drama of the same name produced by Valentín Pimstein for Televisa. It stars Magdyel Ugaz and David Villanueva as the titular character.


Colorina (Fernanda) works in a nightclub as a prostitute with her great friend Lupita (Muñeca Montiel). Both arrive at the mansion of Luis Carlos invited by Ivan, a sponger who is brother-in-law of Luis Carlos Villamore. Colorina and Luis Carlos had met before and fall in love, but their relation is not well seen by the cold and calculating mother of Luis Carlos, Matilde. Diana, the wife of Luis Carlos, is terminally ill and can not have children. Luis Carlos and Colorina start an affair and accidentally she becomes pregnant with a son. Luis Carlos wants to help Colorina and she moves to his family house. Matilde tries to still the baby from Fernanda but she manages to run away with the help of Lupita and her lover Homero. At the same time, Bertha, the maid in service of the Villamore house leaves her husband Pancho and her two children, who are actually Ivan's. With the consent of Pancho, Colorina decides to take the two children to confuse the mother of Luis Carlos and escapes to Piura.

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    contentLocation Lima
    genre drama
    keywords baby run away
    publisher América Televisión