Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain is a 2013 American action comedy film directed by Michael Bay and starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie. It is based on the activities of the Sun Gym gang, a group of ex-convicts and bodybuilders convicted of kidnapping, extortion, torture, and murder in Miami in the mid-1990s. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely's screenplay is adapted from a 1999 series of Miami New Times articles by Pete Collins, which were compiled in the book Pain & Gain: This Is a True Story, released concurrently with the film. The film's title is a play on a common adage frequently used in fitness: "No pain, no gain".


In 1994, ex-con and bodybuilder Daniel Lugo is hired by Sun Gym owner John Mese as a manager. Lugo befriends trainer and bodybuilder Adrian Doorbal, rendered impotent from steroids. He envies the earnings and lifestyle of Victor Kershaw, a member he begins to train. Inspired to be a "doer" by a motivational speaker, Lugo plans to extort Kershaw for his assets. He recruits Doorbal and manipulates Paul Doyle, another ex-con and born again-Christian struggling with drug use, into blindly playing along.